Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where did it go?

Adam and Loafer, Hull Mass, August
Luke's SunRoom, Allston Mass, August
Garland Texas, July
DFW morning, Texas, July

Here are four images from the Summer of Sundays chapter that I am presently working on(with?); printing, editing, scanning and thinking abouts. Where did you go summer? It felt like all dog days with a bit of Texas heat.
Sorry about the lack of posts. About six weeks ago I started working a (terrible) retail job to pay the bills and live . (I shouldn't complain with the unemployment rate edging towards 10%.) So I am learning to balance working for $$$s and working for my art. Still shooting, printing once or twice a week and looking at work by other. It is just the digital work I have no attention for esp. when i get off of work. I am sure this will change in the winter when I will be more inclined to stay in and drink wine.
I also started TAing at Nesop for 2nd year color, the class is fabalous, they keep me excited about photography.
Alec Soth (rhymes with both) gave lecture "The Democratic Jungle" at Mass Art on Monday evening. I enjoyed that he gave stories behind some of his work/life and also talked about the present conditions of photograhy in the world of flickr and the dying print meduim. He was handsome and human and I should have taken notes.

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